Aina Garí Soler


Since September 2021, I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Télécom-Paris working with Chloé Clavel and Matthieu Labeau.

I did my PhD at the LISN lab (former LIMSI), Paris-Saclay University, under the supervision of Marianna Apidianaki and Alexandre Allauzen. My thesis, defended in June 2021, addresses the representation of different aspects of word meaning in neural language models. It was part of the ANR MultiSem project.

My broad research area is Natural Language Processing, and more concretely I am working on Computational Lexical Semantics with a focus on the adaptation of linguistic representations to semantic properties of words.

I’m particularly interested in representations of words and meaning in context, but my general research interests also include paraphrasing, lexical style and semantic ambiguity.